Industrial Projects

Chemi Pharm – Pharmaceutical Industry

 Location:  6 October City -Giza 

System:  Chilled Water System 

Scope of Work:  Design & Supervision of Implementations  

States:  Under Construction

ChemiPharm 1

Egypt Bakery Stores – Katameya Factory

  Location:  Katameya -Cairo

  System:  Chilled Water System

  Scope of Work:  Design & Supervision of Implementations

  States:  Completed


Giza North Power Plant (1500 MW Combined Cycle Power Project)

 Location: Giza

 System:  Chilled Water System, DX System & Industrial Ventilation

 Scope of Work:  Design & Shop Drawing

 States:   Completed


NAVAL Medical Research Unit- 3 (NAMRU-3) M.V. Transformers Building (50)

  Location:  Abbassia -Cairo

  System:   DX System & Ventilation

  Scope of Work:   Design   

  States:   Completed

NAVAL Medical Research

Abu Qir Thermal Power Plant (2X650 MW Gas/Oil Fired Units Project)

    Location:  Abu Qir-Alexandria

   System:  DX System & Industrial Ventilation

   Scope of Work:  Design & Shop Drawing

   States:  Completed  


New LNG Train -Skikda Project

    Location:   Skikda -Algeria

  System:  DX System & Industrial Ventilation

  Scope of Work:  Shop Drawing

   States:  Completed      


Kuraymat Power Plant -Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Power Plant

    Location:   Kuraymat .

  System:  Chilled Water System & Industrial Ventilation

  Scope of Work:  Shop Drawing

  States:  Completed


200 Military Factory -M1A1 Project

Location:   Bilbeis Desert Road

System:  DX System

Scope of Work:  Shop Drawing & Supervision of Implementations        

States:  Completed       


Ghabbour Automotive -MTU Factory

Location:  El Salhia

System:  DX System & Industrial Ventilation

Scope of Work:  Shop Drawing & Supervision of Implementations

States:  Completed